Raising your AIQ

one neuron at a time

Market research

Our technology landscapes: An overview of companies, platforms & institutions leading the technological development in Austria

AI Strategy

AI is the new electricity. We guide you to build better technologies and enhance your business with artificial intelligence.

Analytics & Optimization

Unprecedented amounts of data are generated and collected every day. By applying the latest AI and deep learning techniques we help you to turn data into actionable insights.

AI Labs & Prototyping

Hands-on experience. Delivered. In our labs we enable clients to experience the latest AI developments and build customized prototypes.


AI will supercharge your daily work. Augment your business capabilities along the entire value chain with our AI-driven solutions.

Smart Assistants

Get more work done by integrating AI powered assistants into your daily workflows.

Trainings & Education

We teach you the latest AI technologies and their business applications.

Our Vision

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is the most significant development of our time, with consequences across all industries and company functions.
EnliteAI wants to democratize this development by enabling companies of all sizes to become AI leaders in their field.
With our rich expertise in both business and technology we are uniquely positioned to help our clients to introduce Artificial Intelligence based solutions in their daily operations.


enliteAI @ the first AI Inside Summit

on February 27, 2018

Last week we had the honor to join the AI Inside Summit, so far Austria’s largest executive event for AI and machine learning.

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Austrian Blockchain Landscape v1.1

on February 23, 2018

The Austrian Blockchain Landscape: An overview of companies, platforms & institutions leading the development of Blockchain Technology in Austria.

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Inspired by AI at Kapsch TrafficCom

on February 19, 2018

With their in-house business development startup accelerator “Factory1”, Kapsch TrafficCom AG proactively supports the AI ecosystem in Austria. We were invited…

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